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Corps en camaïeux

Exposition de dessins originaux intitulée "Corps en camaïeux" à la galerie that's what x said (Bruxelles, Belgique). L'exposition rassemble plus de 80 dessins exposés, composés d'illustrations inédites réalisées en 2023, mais aussi plus anciennes, qui marquent le début et l'évolution du style de Marie. Lancement le 26 octobre 2023, dernier jour de l'exposition le 14 janvier 2024.


"For her solo show Corps en Camaïeux, Marie Casaÿs thinks of the body in all its many shapes through a selection of more than 90 drawings tracing her practice back to the last four years.Marie Casaÿs celebrates bodies, whether naked, accessorised, sexualised, in groups or alone, whole or fragmented. Erotism is key to her work, personified through suggestive positions, her pencil tracing a look, a wandering hand, or a curve. Inspired by real people, she sublimates and elevates them to sensual icons. Her illustrations highlight her search for representations that question stereotypes, established norms and the male gaze. The bodies she draws are diverse, fat, thin, racialized, with reduced mobility or marginalized, to illustrate that beauty isn’t limited to one body type. Through her work, she wants to portray a multiplicity of people and identities."


that’s what x said

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